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Local 506 Marine & Shipbuilders Union, located in Vancouver, is over 1000 strong and growing.

Workers who make up Local 506 Marine and Shipbuilders are welders,shipfitters(Metal Fabricators), painters/sandblasters, joiners, riggers, storesman, stagers (scaffolders), crane operators, labourers, insulation workers and a docking crew. Local 506 members work for Vancouver Shipyards and Vancouver drydock. The local recently completed building 3 offshore fisheries science vessels for the Canadian Coast Guard. These vessels will be the primary platform for fisheries and oceans Canada to carry out science research missions.
Local 506 is a diverse group

Dedicated to shipbuilding

Currently under construction the Offshore Oceanographic Science Vessel(OOSV) and the Joint Support Ships(JSS) for the Royal Canadian Navy. Which will be the largest ship by length ever built in Canada. Future contracts include the polar icebreaker, the flagship of the Canadian Coast Guards icebreaking fleet.

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It’s great knowing that you have your brothers and sisters behind you - it brings us all together.

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