Agreements & Benefits

Agreements & Benefits

Health & Welfare
The Marine & Shipbuilders Local 506 Health & Welfare Plan was established in May 1967 to provide group life and health benefits for eligible members and their covered dependents.

The Marine & Shipbuilders Local 506 Pension Plan was established January 1, 1975 to provide retirement pensions to eligible members working in the bargaining unit of Marine & Shipbuilders Local 506.

Both the Health Benefits Plan and the Pension Plan are funded under the terms of the collective agreements negotiated between the Marine & Shipbuilders Union and various employers in the marine industry. Each of the plans are managed by six Trustees, elected by the Union members, who work in consultation with expert advisors where appropriate. The Trustees decide what benefits will be provided under the plans and under what terms the benefits will be paid, consistent with applicable legislation and the terms of the collective agreement which apply to the Plans. The Trustees for both plans are:

  • Shawn Sly – Chairman
  • Kevin Bohun
  • Jason Bresatz
  • Natalie Peters
  • Shayne Gait
  • Aaron Embree

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