An apprenticeship is a combination of on-the-job training and classroom learning that usually takes four years to complete.  During this time, you will work alongside skilled tradespeople at the shipyard in the trade you have chosen. Upon completion of classroom training,sign off for on-the-job hours, and a final exam, a certified journeyperson will confirm your skill level and competence. Once you receive your ticket, whether Interprovincial Red Seal, or BC Certificate of Qualification, you will be recognized as a skilled professional in your trade.

Apprenticeships are open to women, men, and youth.



The basics of apprenticeship
Apprenticeship is an agreement between an Apprentice who wants to learn a trade, and an employer who needs a skilled worker. Apprenticeship is a proven industry-based learning system that combines on-the job experience with technical training to produce a certified Journeyperson.

The Interprovincial ‘Red Seal’ Program
At the end of your apprenticeship you will receive a Certificate of Apprenticeship and your Certificate of Qualification. All western provincial governments use the Interprovincial Standards Examination for certification purposes, which means if you successfully complete your hours worked and pass the written exam, you will automatically get the Interprovincial Red Seal. This allows you to work in your trade anywhere in Canada, its’ also recognized around the world.

Wages: earn as you learn
CMAW Local 506 Apprentices earn according to guidelines outlined within the collective agreement. Once indentured, an Apprentice starts at a set percentage of a Journeyperson’s wage. This increases over the duration of the apprenticeship term. As a union Apprentice you will have medical and dental benefits as well as a Union pension.

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