Docking Crew

Docking Crew


Docking Crew

Docking crew are responsible for the movement of all blocks being moved from location to location. They will take all drawings and make sure the SPMT and support blocks are in the correct position.

All blocks must be shot and levelled before they are set down so other crews can access them to work on safely.

Docking Crew also lifts all barges, tugs and yachts out of the water and onto land for work to be completed by all trades. Docking Crew also make sure that all tugs, barges and yachts tied up at VSY docks are secured.

Docking Crew also does 80% of the maintenance on the syncro lift and repairs to docks and floats.

Docking crew also takes blocks from blocks / units from other yards transfers them from land onto barges and brings them back to VSY and then transfers them from the barge to land.

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